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The QC Pod is show about the people and projects of Queens College in the City University of New York.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Campus Labor Relations

    In this episode of the QC Pod, we meet two campus labor leaders to discuss the current state of labor relations between campus faculty and executives. Jane Guskin is an adjunct in the Urban Studies department at Queens College, a PSC delegate, and co-founder of QC Adjuncts ...


  2. Inside Weill Cornell's COVID-19 Testing Lab

    Ever wondered what happens to the sample after that swab invades your nasal passages? On this week’s episode of the QC Pod, we meet Kathy Fauntleroy, Microbiology Laboratory Supervisor at New York Presbyterian Hospital by day–and MFA in Creative Nonfiction student by night. In addition to being at ...


  3. Doomsday Preppers in New York City

    On today's episode of the QC Pod, we meet Prof. Anna Bounds (Sociology) to discuss doomsday preparation in New York City. Prof. Bounds is the author of Bracing for the Apocalypse: An Ethnographic Study of New York's ‘Prepper’ Subculture (Routledge). ...


  4. Applying to Graduate School

    Queens College has a history of placing its undergraduates into world-famous graduate degree programs. In today’s episode, we talk to Robin Rogers (Associate Professor of Sociology), a former Director of Queens College’s Honors Program and a mentor to many students on the path to advanced degrees. Photo Credit. ...


  5. QC Poet Ariel Francisco

    Queens College is renowned for the multilingualism of our students, with more than 130 languages spoken on campus. Ariel Francisco is one of those students. He’s a poet studying translation in the MFA Program in Creative Writing and Literary Translation. He’s also the author of three ...