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The QC Pod is show about the people and projects of Queens College in the City University of New York.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. David & Xavier Talk NBA

    In this episode of the QC Pod, David Middleton discussed professional basketball with Xavier George talk professional basketball. Credit. Harris & Ewing, photographer. Basketball. United States, 1936. February 8. Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/2016882053/. ...


  2. Undergraduate Research (Zakari & Evans)

    In this episode of the QC Pod, Sidd Malviya interviews Zahra Zakari (Biology) and Cherice Evans (Chemistry) about the craft of research, and opportunities for undergraduates who are interested in doing research. Producer Eden Ayala. Photo Credit. Historic American Engineering Record, Creator, Lowe, Jet, ...


  3. Why Do We Love True Crime? (Harold Schecter)

    The QC Pod’s Eden Ayala explores our obsession with the true crime genre. What is it that captivates people? She engages these questions in an interview with True Crime author and Queens College Professor Harold Schechter. Photo Credit. By Oslo police – Torgersen-saken, Public ...


  4. Queens College's Counseling Services

    Queens College’s Office of Counseling Services is available to talk to students about personal things (relationships, family issues, shyness), school issues (difficulty studying, financial aid appeals), or just about anything else. Many students don’t know it is available, or how it can help. In today’s episode of the QC ...


  5. QC Analytics Wins at UN Hackathon

    Queens College Data Analytics just won at a Global Hackathon sponsored by the United Nations! In this episode, the Queens Podcast Lab’s Eden Ayala sits down with the winning team: Esther Jenaro Rabadan, Rachel Ramphal, and Habiba Aziz. ...