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The QC Pod is show about the people and projects of Queens College in the City University of New York.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Succeeding in Online Learning

    COVID19 has pushed school online, and learning online is a new experience for a lot of students. In today's episode of the QC Pod, we talk to Queens College's educational technology gurus -- Eva Fernandez and Michelle Fraboni -- to discuss how students succeed while studying online. ...


  2. The Women of Generation X

    In today's episode of the QC Pod, we meet with Professor Robin Rogers from the Department of Sociology to discuss her research on the women of Generation X. The young women of the 1990s and 2000s were told that they could do everything that men ...


  3. Teaching During COVID

    In today's episode of the QC Pod, we talk to Eva Fernandez and Michelle Fraboni, two of Queens College's teaching and technologies gurus, about how to serve our students while COVID19 forces us online. Eva Fernandez is Queens College's Associate Provost for Innovation and Student Success, ...


  4. QC Data Analytics in the 1990s

    Professor Mindy Rhindress is a valued faculty member and Mentor-in-Residence at Queens College's Program in Data Analytics and Applied Social Research. She is also one of her program's highly-successful alumni, with a very successful corporate career that culminated in a senior executive at the major marketing ...